400% increase in leads generation

How we cut the price per lead in half for a Ed-Tech start-up (in just 6 weeks)


– and freed up the founder’s time so they could focus on delivering engaging and exciting online video training and education solutions

Our passion is helping clients succeed

The privately held Norwegian ed-tech start-up eKurs Norge launched their first online video service in May 2020.

In the beginning the founders focused both on the B2C and B2B market, wanting to create an online marketplace for video and online courses in Norway. Their dream and vision were «to spread the joy of learning and training for skills».

Spreading the joy of learning got us on board all right, and we couldn´t be more excited working with visionary thinkers like this.

The Problem

The two founders launched their company during the corona pandemic as they wanted to reach out and simplify and help move the learning and education process online for more people and businesses.

They worked hard to deliver a stable system and platform for online video learning- and education but were not able to get enough customers. They used mostly google ads and their established business network, to no avail.

The Solution

We took a look at all their digital assets like website and external ads. We went mining for gold in their web analytics platform. We soon discovered a mismatch between their value proposition and the material. 

First things first, we went from a mix of B2C and B2B segmentation to a focused pure-play B2B only offering. We redesigned their front page and contact landing pages. We went from a product- and rational- oriented communication focusing on features to a more emotional communication where the focus was on how «can we help you with training»-kind of benefits in the ad copy and website content.


This resulted in a 400% increase in qualified leads in less than 6 weeks while realizing a cut of 50% in online ad spend in the same period.

The Results


Increase in New Leads


Reduction in ad spend


New Email B2B Subscribers


Increase in website traffic

In Less Than 6 Weeks

"We’ve been working with Admirate for a little over three months now, and we are impressed with the results so far. Our renewed focus on the B2B market has been a real game changer for us. We are now looking to expand and hire new talent in the sales department. How Admirate managed to increase leads that resulted in new customers while at the same time cutting the ad spend in half has been an eye-opener. We thought it was all about Google, but now with the mix of Facebook and LinkedIn we are looking at a record-breaking year in 2021."

Chairman of the board, eKurs Norge AS